"Off the Fridge" at PRC

A little info about the Curated Fridge to anyone who may not be aware of it:

"The idea behind this project is to celebrate fine art photography and connect photographers around the world. There is a guest curator for every show and all the big decisions are made over coffee and cake or wine and tapas, depending on the mood!
All you have to do is send your artwork or promos and you might end up on the fridge. The Fridge Shows run on a bimonthly basis." - Yorgos Efthymiadis

As the PRC itself was born in and run out of someone's live/work space for several years, we're delighted to pair the above with the premiere gallery showing of The Curated Fridge. This unique alternative space is the brainchild of Yorgos Efthymiadis, a fine art and architectural photographer and 2015 PRC EXPOSURE alum. Since August 2015, he has hosted three guest-curated shows, including one by PRC board member Bruce Myren, of work by photographers from New England and beyond, on his actual refrigerator in Somerville, MA. For this special display, Efthymiadis took the curatorial reins and selected 47 photographers and 58 works to feature on these PRC-produced facsimiles of his fridge.

I was lucky enough to have an image chosen for one of the fridges displayed at the PRC.

For more info about the Curated Fridge, click here!


Snapshots: In the Gallery and in the Artist's Hands

I am very happy to announce that I will be speaking at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston on December 4th!

"Pair a curatorial tour of “Unfinished Stories: Snapshots from the Peter J. Cohen Collection” with a behind-the scenes discussion of vernacular photography with artists who use found photography in innovative ways." 

Curators Karen Haas & Kristen Gresh will be leading a discussion, which includes Caleb Cole and I, on how we use vernacular photography in our work. 

To order tickets, CLICK HERE!