It just dawned on me that I haven’t shared my exciting news! I am now the Assistant to the Director at Gallery Kayafas!

It’s pretty funny. Now that I am almost done with school, I get the constant question, “What are your plans for once you graduate!?” And I had always said that I would like to work in a gallery, get to know the behind the scenes activities that are involved with it. But in the back of my head, I never really thought that was realistic. But then I got an email from Arlette Kayafas asking if I’d like to come in for the position of Assistant to the Director (her).

I had frequently visited the gallery for First Friday events, along with any time else they were having openings/artist talks/book signings. I later got a text from Greer Muldowney asking if I would be interested in simply serving refreshments at Bruce Myren's private artist reception. I quickly answered yes and I later did it.

I must have left a good impression because Arlette’s assistant quit and she thought of me to fill the position. 

I have happily been working at Gallery Kayafas for about a two months and I couldnt be happier!