Flash Forward Festival

Flash Forward Festival! It’s going to be here sooner than you think! 

Apr 24–May 3, 2015

A 10 day festival of International and New England photography in Boston.

Gallery Kayafas and Flash Forward are teaming up for the “Flash Forward 10″ show. Super exited for this!

Flash Forward, the celebrated emerging artists platform, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Gallery Kayafas is proud to partner in the festivities by highlighting the many achievements of the gallery’s artists and friends that have been a part of this amazing organization’s journey.  During the month of April, the gallery will highlight 9 artists from the 10th anniversary edition in the lead up to the annual Flash Forward Festival in Boston.

Featured Artists

  • Caleb Charland
  • Caleb Cole
  • Michael Bühler-Rose
  • Matthew Gamber
  • Jonathon Gitelson
  • Greer Muldowney
  • Irina Rozovsky
  • Tara Sellios
  • David Welch

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